Disciples - Catwalk (Plastic Plates Remix)

Disciples are a new outfit from London with a knack for creating great house jams. Duvall, Luke and Gavin are responsable for songwriting, production and singing in every one of their songs. Their first EP, Remedy, sounds great, but remained a bit in obscurity.
Now the trio is ready to drop a new EP, called Catwalk. The deep beats of the track swirl around the lush vocals which allude to Azari & III, though the soundscapes in Catwalk are more house than techno.
Surely, the group will benefit from the mediatism brought by Plastic Plates' remix, whose sugary pop tricks take the original from the dark dancefloors and unleash it in a more open and vibrant dimension.

You can listen to both the versions right below.

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